When the old skool/hardcore scene developed into jungle in late 1993, the Mc was typically just about hyping the crowd, getting rewinds and introducing Dj's. There was little attention to lyrical content and almost no rhyming except from some like Gq and Moose. Gradually though Hyper D got to be known as the fast chatter who brought a new dimension to Mcing to jungle. Growing up as part of a ragga sound system in Fulham, South West London, lyrical flow on the microphone came easy to Steven Austin. He soon became heavily involved in the London scene when he started linking up with Nicky Blackmarket after they tore up Thunder and Joy and soon became regular partners. The young Mc made a massive impression on the crowds with his unique and amazingly quick technique. Blackmarket sees Hyper D as being the complete Mc, versatile enough to adapt to any style or Dj and impress any kind of jungle crowd. This popularity is down to the speed and meaning to his lyrics, his timing on every tune and the passion in his voice at all times.

It is therefore no surprise that so many of today's contemporaries list Stevie as their number one influence in taking up a career on the mike. He introduced a whole new approach to vocals over dance music that had never been seen before. Maxwell D from Pay As U Go has said "Hyper D was the guy who inspired me. When I went to raves I would stand and watch him thinking I wanted to be like him."

As time moved on, Stevie's talents earned him a record deal with Island Records and he released the "Junglist Hooligan" EP in 1995, the first British Mc to have a record deal. While he never entered the mainstream significantly, Hyper D remained the first superstar Mc that everyone came to see at raves. He and his crew Different Levels toured the world with lyrics that actually meant something and got people dancing.

"Make you move your Body with no strain, You've come out to a rave don't feel no shame, Get on the dance floor don't be lame, Always ready, always game, Get so big I have fe lift you with a crane I chant so much that I go insane."

Fatman D recalls seeing hyper D one night when he had just started touring with Stevie at the Island in Ilford in 1997. "Dett and Skibadee were starting out as Two Times Freestyle and Hyper went on stage and started taking the two of them on. For about an hour lyrics were flowing out of the guy's mouth like water from a tap and I stood there watching. Afterwards, he came off stage and said "How Did I do?" and I just couldn't say a thing." Stevie's success continued over the 1997 with the release of an album and numerous awards from the expanding drum and bass community. As 1998 arrived it seemed that he was finally making a big impression outside the underground when tragedy struck. On July 13th 1998, Stevie died from a heart attack, a result of an hereditary heart condition in his family that had caused his brother to experience a similar attack two months before. There have been numerous rumours as to the cause of his death, many linking Stevie to drug use, but these are completely wrong because he was well known to never touch anything other than weed throughout his life. It was just a tragic event.

For most in drum and bass, Stevie Hyper D will always be the best Mc of all time because, as Fatman D says "He died as the best and you can never challenge a dead man." What is certain is that he took the role of the Mc on to a new level that made it possible for Mcs to become as important to the drum and bass scene as the dj's and producers and for people like Skibadee and Shabba to become international stars. The man should be remembered by everyone, whether you were there or not.

Stevie Hyper D - Rest In Peace

Hold on, wait a minute,

When i'm on the microphone, get with it,

In it to win it,

Never forget it,

I'm gonna take you outta limits,

Styles come to my brain automatic,

I set it come on set it,

Kick it smash it through the ceilin',

What me come fe do is kill it,

I chant to any music any riddem I can ride it,

With a gimmick, with the lyric,

Now people can you feel it,

And if you got the feelin' start revealin' reach the ceilin',

And with the style, I'm feelin' the vibe, I'm tellin' you, get my meanin'?

I'm gonna keep on grinnin' keep on jumpin' keep on smilin',

And with the DJ mixin' MC chantin' bassline pumpin',

I don't wanna see no yawnin' or no moanin' or no muggin',

I don't wanna see no fightin' or no killin' or no shootin',

And when you rave together, sleep together, stamp forever,

I rave through any weather winter, autumn, spring, or summer,

I don't wanna see no people goin' on like dumb and dumber,

And so with the MC's time to come in with the manufacture.


I'm gonna jump start you're brain,

Hyper D that's the name,

As i chop, change, I rearrange,

Choose and refuse, 'cause of fame,

Gonna get a all hot like a burnin' flame,

Mash up the place like a hurricane,

Gimme the microphone watch me rave,

Bad bwoy come again,

Is it a bird, is it a plane,

No it's Hyper on the train,

Make you move your body with no strain

You've come out to rave don't feel no shame,

Get on the dance floor don't be lame,

Always ready, always game,

Get so big i have fe lift you with a crane,

I chant so much i turn you insane,

To make you move good,

That's my aim,

It's through time, it's through space,

Lose those troubles when i'm on stage,

Now drum and bass to make you feel amazed,

Lyrics like that, lyrics amaze,

They could never, ever fade,

Want to get it hot like the sunny Spain,

That's how i like it in the rain,

Through the microphone i'm a slave

I'm never gonna stop 'til i'm in a grave,

I ramp, me no ramp, me no skin, me no play,

When me chant 'pon microphone and me say with the DJ,

Make you jump up and down now movin' around

And swing and sway,

Lyrics out me mouth like a hose with the spray,

Me say lyrics to make your bollock move! Lyrics to make you say hey hey!

Get pon the dance floor move your body

With no delay,

Right about now, jungle business,

It's the way,

Big 'tings a gwan for

Jungle today,

Jungle no ramp and jungle no play,

Jungle have the bassline fe blow you away

And make you move your body body me say

With no delay.


i'm here to spread a good word

I gotta be heard

you gotta be conscious

on this planet call earth

and girls and guys

from all kind of turt's

come up to rave

they dont wanna get heard

they wanna get their money's worth

if you carry on girls wont even

come dance for the man

this wont last long

its time to stay strong

keep it big like king kong

for the new generation

reach them teach them guide them

lies i'm not gonna hide them

to the top i'm climbing

here to preach and serve

while i'm rhyming

with my lyrical timing

i got three things to say

hip-hop comes from the usa

reggae music comes from ja

and jungle music comes from the uk

it cant go a stray

drum & bass jungle is here to stay

my lyrcis stretches long like clastic

bombastic on the plastic

now listen up can you match this

dont need to fuss

dont need to fight

time to unite

before we get stereo type

you know i'm talking what's right

keep the vibe tight

like a virgin on her first night

the music can be dark

but the vibe has to be bright


whole leap a peace and a whole leap a love

that's what we need in a every country


I had a dream of livin' a life of luxury

everything i needed was right there besides me

sexy girl outside big phat ride

cool breeze blowin' along with the sunshine

i got the big phat bank account

everything's paid by cheque

and my cheques dont bouncee

i got loads of expensive stuff in my house

thousands of pounds worth of stuff

that's what i'm talkin about

i got it all dont stall

it's hard to reach the top

but it's easy to fall

you cant hear you feel

no time to chill

that's why i always get to pay the bills

this luxury life i worked hard for

to kick back relax and smoke my out door

these things you cant ignore

so hold on to what you got

so while i do wanna do

without going over the top

to get what i want

i'm never gonna stop


This one's goin to each and everbodyin the place

bigin' up thier chest screwing up their face

listening to the hip hop jungle drumnbass

if wanna you get hype come and take a taste

time is going quick and no time to waste

certain badbwoys come into raves to misbehave

abusing drugs pulling out guns and blades

thats no way to play

time to represent the united vibe

you see your enemy you do it in another day

stop using the weak as easy prey

you gonna get your karma when your old and grey.

listen to what i wanna say if you see this muic to stay

to peace love and u.n.i.t.y

there's someinthin' you can say

drum and bass jungle will never die

to all the girls and guys who like to drink and get high

want to do the best that the money can buy

doesnt matter what colour what size time to reckonise

up come with the concious rhyme to stick in your mind

what we need is united vibe


vibe-a provider

this is jungle rider

want for me name-a

its-a stevie hyper

weather you drink the spirit

weather you drink the water

weather you smoke the ruff stuff

weather you smoke the ganga

hype in-a the place

dont be a trouble maker

im no faker

im no pretender

lyrics on my brain

burnin up the area

weather black raver

weather white raver

have to come together like the colours on the zebra

spots on the cheatah

stripes on the tiger

this is stevie hyper d on the live wire.


What them a do,

What them a talk 'bout,

Jungle is forever and they can't run we out, yeah,

What them a do,

What them a talk 'bout,

Jungle is forever and they can't run we out, yeah,

Can't run we out, can't run we out,

Bad bwoy in da rinse, in long leather coat,

And when they get the kind of rush them man them have fe support,

Let me tell you jungle music MC he's 'pon the road,

Well we come like the story,

That's never been told,

Jungle ruff, jungle wicked, jungle wild, jungle old,

Me say watch Stevie Hyper in the jungle unfold,

Jungle is new school, sound system is bold,

I said behold, because Hyper get cold,

And me say automatic pistol, remote control,

Jungle good, for your heart, and your mind and your soul,

So me make you feel hot, me no make you make you feel cold,

Let me tell you Stevie Hyper make the good times roll.


You and me

(me and you)

we haffi brock a smile and don't bother screw

this one dedicated to all junglist crew

we haffi get lively inna de venue

me bawl

You and me

(me and you)

we haffi brock a smile and don't bother screw

this one dedicated to all junglist crew

we haffi get lively inna de venue